• Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2022
  • Miami Beach, FL

We’re a SMART Event

Powered by Konduko

Gain access to show and exhibitor information - the power is in your badge!

The JIS Show Team wants to make is as simple as possible to network and do business at a safe distance. We are partnering with Konduko for our 2022 shows to make them SMART events and all attendees at JIS will have a SMART badge. How does it work? All you have to do is present your SMART badge to any reader for an exhibitor or product and you will be able to receive customized information and details. With Konduko your badge becomes your hands-free virtual show bag, you will receive an email at the end of each show day with all the information you collected throughout the day. You will also receive recommendations based on your activity during the show and where you presented your SMART badge. Make sure to pick up your SMART badge at registration.

We invest millions of dollars in the latest technology and design trends to create an exchange of qualified leads. When you use your SMART badge you get:

  • More valuable and shareable marketing materials then paper handouts you need to carry with you all day
  • Receive only the exhibitor and product information you’re interested in, no spam!
  • Recommendations on who to visit next based on your interests
  • A Daily Digest email at the end of each day recapping everywhere you visited and the vendor information you collected.
  • A safer, socially distance event experience, thanks to contactless technology 

Don’t take our word for it.. 

Konduko’s recent 2020 Event Tech Technology awards:

  • Best Exhibition Technology (WINNER)
  • Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B) (WINNER)
  • Best use of Wireless Technology (WINNER)
  • Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection (RUNNER-UP)