JIS Spring
March 9-11, 2025
Miami Beach, FL

My Show: Plan Now, Shop Smoothly Later

Elevate your JIS Spring experience with My Show. It's the ultimate tool for planning and maximizing your time at the show.

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  • Explore products in advance: Preview the array of products set to debut at JIS Spring. With My Show, you can browse through offerings and begin uncovering new trends for the upcoming season.
  • Expand your professional network: My Show unveils all the networking opportunities available at JIS Spring, facilitating valuable connections with fellow industry peers.

Experience My Show today and revolutionize your JIS Spring journey!

Get started building your plan for JIS Spring with the links below.

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Product Directory

Product Directory available closer to 2025 show date

Event Schedule

Event Schedule available closer to 2025 show date

Your Personalized Recommended Exhibitors

Not sure where to get started? Let My Show recommend exhibitors that you’ll want to see at JIS Spring. The more you interact with My Show the better your recommendations will be! 

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