• March 26-28, 2023
  • Miami Beach, FL

Planning & Exhibitor Recommendations

Plan Now, Shop Smoothly Later

Reconnect with favorite exhibitors and discover new vendors, build a network, review your personalized exhibitor recommendations and much more—all by searching the official exhibitor list. Be sure to use the new heart icon at the top of the page—it conveniently stores all of the exhibitors and products you've favorited. 

Networking Made Easy with Smart Event Technology

The power is in your smart badge! How does it work? All you have to do is scan your smart badge to any exhibitor booth reader and you will collect their contact information and products details digitally. Your smart badge becomes your hands-free virtual show bag; you’ll receive an email at the end of each show day with all the information you collected throughout the day. Learn more here.

Customized Exhibitor Recommendations

Find exactly what you’re looking for. JIS uses matchmaking services to connect attendees with vendors. These matches aren’t sponsored referrals or ads, they’re your custom recommendations based on information YOU provide during registration and while saving the vendors you’re interested in. Receive your matches before the show in dedicated emails from the JIS show team.

Five Expert Tips to Maximize Your Time on the Show Floor

Tip #1: Map Out a Plan

“To make the most of your time at a trade show, review the exhibitor list and floor plan in advance. Create a list of products you need to source, open the JIS exhibitor list, and click “Add to My Show” while viewing any exhibitor profile to get started. Once you’ve made your list, map out a plan to see the vendors that you know you want to meet with in an efficient way based on where they are located. Book appointments with vendors in advance and leave room in your schedule to walk the show floor and discover new vendors and products - one of the best parts of being at a face-to-face show!”

Sarin Bachmann
Group Vice President of JCK, Luxury and JIS Events

Tip #2: First, Walk the Entire Show Floor

“The vastness of the show floor can feel overwhelming to some so consider walking the entire show floor before making a purchase. There are numerous exhibitors with exciting new products located all over. You never know what you’ll find at the back of the show floor!”

Sara McDonough
Event Director, JIS 

Tip #3: Be a Sponge for Information

“Discover trends by actively paying attention to colors, shapes, types of metals and the designs you are seeing on the show floor, as well as observing the people around you and what’s happening on social media. Ask brands about their top sellers and why, and also ask what items are selling well that actually surprises them. Try to be a sponge for information and towards the end of the show you should be able to pinpoint some key style and market trends on the horizon.”  

Jen Cullen Williams
Communications Consultant

Tip #4: Engage Your Customers

“Today’s consumers want to feel like they’re part of the decision-making process, while you’re on a buying trip take photos and videos and engage your followers.  Strike a pose babe! Your customers will get excited to visit your store when you return. This tactic will help you get feedback from customers and your team who can’t be with you. Plus, an added benefit is many clients will often DM (direct message) you for special requests. Sometimes customers don’t know what they want until they see it.  Remember authentic photos, videos and reels aren’t just for the show. Keep leveraging the assets well beyond the show in your upcoming emails, on your social media and your website.” 

Jennifer Shaheen
President of Technology Therapy

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Technology

“The JIS show team invests heavily in exciting technology to ensure our attendees have a productive show experience. Everyone receives a ‘smart show badge,’ in which attendees can simply scan their badge to any exhibitor’s booth reader and collect product and contact information digitally. At the end of the day, attendees receive an email outlining the information they collected. There’s no need to keep track of business cards and paper handouts anymore!

Also, our matchmaking technology is really great! Take a look at your registration confirmation, check your email pre-show, and see the back of your show badge for a personalized list of exhibitor recommendations based on the products and price points you referenced of interest while registering.

Lastly, as an attendee, you have access to exclusive show deals via our Digital Offer Bag. When you arrive at the show, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the back of the printed show map and browse a variety of exhibitor offers. Use these technologies and more to maximize your time at JIS!”

Lauren van Rensburg
Marketing Director, JIS Events