• March 26-28, 2023
  • Miami Beach, FL

Plan Now, Shop Smoothly Later

Reconnect with favorite exhibitors and discover new vendors all by searching the official exhibitor list. Be sure to use the heart icon at the top of the page—it conveniently stores the exhibitors and products you've favorited.

Networking Made Easy with Smart Event Technology

The power is in your smart badge! How does it work? All you have to do is scan your smart badge on any exhibitor booth reader and you will digitally collect their contact information and products details. Your smart badge becomes your hands-free virtual show bag; you’ll receive an email at the end of each show day with all the information you collected throughout the day. 

Customized Exhibitor Recommendations

JIS’ matchmaking service helps you find vendors that carry exactly what you’re looking for. These matches aren’t sponsored referrals or ads, they’re custom recommendations based on information YOU provide during registration and while saving the vendors you’re interested in on the online Exhibitor List. Receive your matches before the show in dedicated emails from JIS and find them printed on the back of your show badge.

Five Expert Tips to Maximize Your Time on the Show Floor

We asked jewelry industry experts to share their suggestions for maximizing your time on the JIS show floor. It’s never too early to start planning! Get started with our five expert tips.

Your Attendee Journey

A positive and successful attendee journey starts long before you arrive at the show. We’ve laid out what that looks like from the time you decide to register through post-show feedback, including resources to plan your show, a link to invite your colleagues and friends, and how to access exclusive exhibitor offers.