JIS Spring
March 9-11, 2025
Miami Beach, FL

Save the Date: March 9-11, 2025

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Welcome to JIS Spring

JIS Spring, held in Miami Beach, FL, is where jewelry industry professionals grow their businesses and deepen relationships with suppliers. Like all JIS Events, JIS Spring is strategically timed for when buyers need inventory the most, offers the convenience of immediate or future product delivery, and features hundreds of suppliers from the most popular jewelry producing regions around the world.

Attend JIS Spring to discover new products, trends, and suppliers as you restock inventory for Mother’s Day, wedding season, graduation and any other major milestones your customers will be asking about.

Featured Exhibitors

My Show: Plan Now, Shop Smoothly Later

Make the most out of JIS Spring by planning with My Show! Review your personalized exhibitor recommendations and discover the latest products for your business. The user-friendly My Show planning tool ensures seamless organization of all the exhibitors and products on your radar for the upcoming show!

Get started today and see how My Show can help you get the most out of JIS Spring!

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Not sure where to get started? Let My Show recommend exhibitors that you’ll want to see at JIS Spring. The more you interact with My Show the better your recommendations will be! 

Plan Now, Shop Smoothly Later

Reconnect with exhibitors you haven’t seen in a while, search and favorite new vendors, build new networks, book your hotel and travel, and much more. Be sure to use the heart icon at the top of the page—it conveniently stores all of the exhibitors and products you’ve favorited.


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Industry Partners

Giving Back

JIS has proudly donated over $5,500 to Jewelers for Children, an organization founded by the U.S. jewelry industry with the mission of helping children in need. Each show, JIS attendees have the opportunity to contribute by simply inviting another buyer to attend the show. For each registered referral, JIS makes a donation to Jewelers for Children.