Lead Retrieval User Guide

We are excited to announce JIS’s adoption of Emperia, a new lead retrieval technology. Use your mobile device to scan attendees’ badges and easily collect their contact information with the Emperia Lead Retrieval App. No need to collect business cards!

This solution has been successfully utilized at many of our RX events around the globe and will optimize efficiency around lead retrieval.

Before the Show

1.      Receive log in information from [email protected] via an email sent to the key contact with the subject line: “Get ready for new sales leads (action required)!”

2.      Download the Emperia Lead Retrieval App

3.      Log in using the credentials from the email. Logins can be used across multiple devices - please share with your booth staff!

At the Show

1.      Tap to scan the QR code on the attendee’s badge

2.      Add notes about your new leads to help you remember details from your conversation

3.      Download lead reports at any time using your company code provided to your key contact via email 

After the Show

1.      Receive post-show email including your post show report; this will be sent to the key contact

2.      View, sort, and download leads directly into your CRM

3.      Follow up with your leads within one week to increase ROI and keep the conversation 

  1. I didn’t receive the Emperia activation email. What should I do?
    Access to Emperia and all related information is sent only to the key contact for your company. It is the key contact’s responsibility to share your company’s login information with your team.
    If you still can’t find the email, contact your Customer Success Manager.

  2. What if I require technical assistance while at the show?
    If you need help while onsite, please contact Natalie Santiago or Ed Lane by visiting the JIS Show Office.

  3. Is there a limited number of users per booth with access to the Emperia app?
    No. The easy to install mobile app comes with unlimited app licenses for all your booth staff to gather leads.

  4. Is there a fee to utilize Emperia lead retrieval technology?
    Emperia access is included in your exhibitor package. You can upgrade your package to Exhibitor Dashboard Pro to adopt a data-driven approach to benchmark your performance against a category of competitors and identify areas of improvement.

  5. Can I edit my scanned lead?
    You can edit the notes and rating after scanning a lead but not the lead’s personal information.

  6. Why is my lead missing phone/email/other information?
    The app only captures information the attendee opted to share at the time of registration.

  7. How do I download my leads report?
    You can download a consolidated list of all of the leads that have been scanned by your booth staff at any time using the direct link provided in your Emperia activation email. This link will also be provided in emails at the end of each show day as well as our post-show emails.

    Note: this consolidated report will only be accessible to the key contact and available up to 45 days after the show.

  8. Will my company’s information be shared with attendees?
    Attendees who scan your booth QR code will be directed to your online exhibitor showroom, where they can ‘Favorite’ your profile and easily access your contact information for post-show follow-up. This is why it’s important to have a well-completed company profile.

  9. Does Emperia work offline?
    Scanning and editing leads at the show can be done offline. Before the show, you must be online to download the Emperia app and log in.

  10. What are the minimum device requirements?
    IOS: requires iOS 10.3+ or greater.
    Android OS: requires OS 5.1.1 or greater and an auto-focus camera.