Current JIS Exhibitors

Exhibitor Manual

Includes move-in and move-out info, parking guidance, money-saving deadlines, shipping and handling info, order forms, and more. 

Exhibitor Manual coming soon

Badge & Booth Staff Registration

Register you and your staff for badges

Exhibitor Dashboard

Drive buyers to your booth. Updating the info on this page is the only way retailers will see your complete company info before and during JIS. Upload product images, choose your product categories, and more.

Collecting Leads

The JIS Delivery – San Diego Show uses the Emperia Lead Scanning app—available for all exhibitors at no extra cost. Search “Emperia” in the App Store or Google Play on your smart device to download, login and start scanning onsite. You will receive your login prior to the show. 

More information about the Emperia Lead Scanning App is Coming Soon

Advertising & Sponsorship

Reach more attendees with custom advertising and sponsorship items and packages. 

Hotel & Travel

Visit the Hotel & Travel  to learn more about where to stay and what to do in San Diego!