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JIS January is right around the corner. With two full floors of exhibitors in warm, sunny south Florida, what could be better? There is still a handful of prime booth locations available on the Show Floor at the January Show, so make sure to secure yours today if you’re in the market to exhibit. The floors are split between Fashion & Silver and Fine Jewelry to make shopping and selling as efficient as possible. If you’re planning to attend as a buyer, make sure to register ahead of time for express access onto the show floor. You’ll want to get to the show early for the best inventory selection. It’s really great to be back in Miami this January. The Show is predicted to be a big success, riding the wave of a successful JIS October Show. The 2017 October Show had the highest attended opening day in JIS history (even with the venue change that had to be made two weeks before opening day)! Here’s what some of the exhibitors from the October Show had to say and why you can’t miss out on JIS January opening January 18, 2018 in Miami...

"JIS outreach did a stellar job in getting qualified buyers here."
- Member of Exhibiting Company, Belle Etoile

"We’ve never seen so many qualified retailers at our show"
- Member of Exhibiting Company, Aagard

"JIS (Miami) is the only way I can grow my U.S. business. We’ve exhibited in other trade shows (one since 2012), but it’s just not the same; we don’t get the right buyers. I compare the shows. What also makes JIS unique is the team. The JIS team really makes a difference. They all talk to us and that makes a huge difference to us. That goes a long way. This is a family owned and run business. Everything is handmade. Relationships are important to us."
- Marcelo Gomes, MGOLD Brazil

"Coming back? Definitely, no question"
- Member of Exhibiting Company, Alamea

Want to see for yourself what all the buzz is about? JIS January is your next chance. Register today!

If you’re planning to attend or exhibit at the JIS January Show, be sure to download the NEW JIS Show Mobile App! It has everything from an interactive show floor with Matchmaking Booth locations, exhibitor recommendations, show specials, and a messaging system to chat directly with JIS Staff for all your questions.


Well, for one, it’s a new year... and a New Year means new trends, new vendors, new stores opening up, new customers, new opportunities, and a NEW venue for JIS January. Running Saturday, January 20 – Monday, January 22, 2018, JIS January 2018 will take place at the conveniently located Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center (this show only due to ongoing construction at the Miami Beach Convention Center). The show’s location cannot get any more convenient for travelers arriving by plane, as it’s only 1 mile from the Miami International Airport. For those driving, it has an array of affordable parking spots right on property. There are many dining options on the property, as well. If you want to venture out for the evening, it’s only a short 12 mile UBER/LYFT ride to exciting South Beach with Lincoln Road, endless dining, and happening nightlife. Make sure to Register Today to get the latest show updates (including a chance at $1000 in Merchandise Credits) or apply to Exhibit before booth space is sold out! After January, make sure to plan for the next two JIS Events - JIS April (April 14-16, 2018) in Miami Beach, FL and JIS Exchange (June 1-4, 2018) in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re already planning for the second half of 2018, go ahead and add JIS October (October 19-22, 2018) to your show calendar. Hopefully you’re just as excited as we are to get underway with 2018.


See what that JIS Team’s greatest moments of 2017 were what they comes of 2018

Meghan Hogan, Marketing Director

What was the highlight of your year?

The highlight of my professional career this year was relocating the JIS October Show 2 weeks before opening day and producing a successful show with happy customers, big sales on the show floor, and even a fundraising event for the Jewelers Disaster Relief Fund to help raise money to support jewelers affected by the recent natural disasters, like Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and the California wildfires. It was so great to see all our customers and the show team come together and work towards one goal. I’ve been in the jewelry industry for many years and we really are a close knit family. Personally, my highlight of the year was taking a road trip to Charleston, SC with my family. We have four kids so all packing in a car and driving for so many hours together was (surprisingly) fun! It’s a great bonding experience and something my parents used to do with me as a kid. Every day is typically spent running around doing errands, driving to/from work, picking kids up at school, driving them around for activities – so being forced together to enjoy each other’s company and make new memories was such a great highlight! I’m looking forward to more successful show and family vacations in 2018. Let’s just hope we don’t have to relocate any shows two weeks before opening day.

What is the best part of working on JIS?

The JIS family – our customers and the show team. Working on JIS always feels like working with my family and best friends. We laugh together, we smile together, and we support each other in hard times, too. No matter what, we are all always there for each other.

Sara McDonough, Retail Account Manager

What was your favorite moment onsite at any JIS Show you’ve worked so far?

One highlight of JIS October was when a collaborative effort was made to remedy a potentially disastrous situation and make a customer extremely happy!

A Happy Hour that was scheduled for 3pm on Monday was set to fail in that the bar area where the Happy Hour was to take place was nowhere near Belle E’toile’s booth, the sponsor of the Happy Hour. Jordan, Brian and I put our heads together an hour before Happy Hour. We were able to place a showcase in the bar area with a few of Belle E’toile’s pieces, move the tray passed appetizers from the bar to their booth, snag prosecco that was to be used for another event and had it passed and I invited TAP members and other attendees to meet with Carolyn and her crew.

What was the highlight of your year?

Highlight of my year was the success that was felt from pulling off JIS October. We were able to overcome Texas floods, Florida hurricane, venue relocation, new customers due to Centurion cancellation, smaller venue, and customers, both exhibitors and buyers stated that they had a great show! It was clearly a team effort and, in my opinion, everyone from Reed felt a sense of accomplishment at show’s end!!

I really want to compliment Herve and Reed. With all of the issues that came at JIS October, Herve was most generous in helping us accomplish the impossible. Allowing us to spend additional money to host TAP buyers and the exhibitor’s customers and to increase the quality of the lounges was really felt by our customers. I received so many compliments about the generosity of Reed and JIS!

Christina Zoccoli, Portfolio Sales Director

What is the best part about working on JIS?

I still consider myself “new” to JIS since I only joined the team a year ago, so the best part is meeting all the exhibitors, getting to know them better, and getting to know their businesses. Every show I go to I become more familiar with everyone. JIS is like a big family…a big “purple shirt wearing” family!

What is 1 thing you would recommend or tell a NEW exhibitor before they participate in their first JIS Show?

Please plan out your entire show. Trade shows are a big investment in both time and money. Don’t try to throw your first show together in 2-3 months. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s so true. You may have your booth figured out, but think about how you’re going to get people there. What’s your preshow marketing look like, how about onsite marketing? Are you staffing your booth with sales people? Or are you bringing the marketing team? Did you use all the programs JIS already offers you to drive business to your booth like an online show room, exhibitor recommendations…..Plan, plan, plan!

What was your favorite moment onsite at any JIS Show you’ve worked so far?

There were many, but this one sticks out. At the 2017 January show, the fire alarms went off twice causing the roll-up doors in the back of the hall to go up. This happened while the show was open! Apparently there was some smoke coming from the food court (no fire) that caused it. It was just funny that it happened and then happened again. We try to plan for everything at these events, but there are just some aspects of a show that are out of your control!

Kellie Ouimette, Sales Associate

What was the highlight of your year?

Selling out the October Show for the first time in history! As the 2nd largest jewelry show in the Western Hemisphere, this is pretty impressive.

What are you looking forward to most about JIS January 2018?

We, as sales reps, will be able to sell all 4 shows at once which will streamline the process and make it much more effective and easier for exhibitors and the show team.

What is the best part about working on JIS?

The teamwork and comradery of the entire JIS staff!! It really is one big family.

Allison O’Connor, Sales Associate

What was the highlight of your year?

When we had to change venues 2 weeks before the October Show due to Hurricane Irma, we initially had a lot of hesitation from exhibitors not wanting to come, or not thinking the show would be a success. The show turned out to be incredible with opening day setting records as the most attended opening day in JIS history! Four decades of shows and this was the biggest opening day ever! Many exhibitors could not stop expressing their gratitude and thanked us for running the show while doing everything we could to make it a success for them. The ultimate highlight of my year was seeing our customer’s success onsite. Knowing our customers were happy and that they had a good show made all the hard work and late nights worth it.

What is the best part about working on JIS?

One unique thing about JIS is that we get to have 4 shows a year, which gives us a chance to really build great relationships with our exhibitors. We really have the chance to learn about their business, what works for them, what doesn’t and talk to them on a consistent basis to build that important, trusting relationship. We also have an awesome team who works very closely to make sure that everyone is accommodated to the best of our ability.

What is 1 thing you would recommend or tell a NEW exhibitor before they participate in their first JIS Show?

Every show we have an abundance of new exhibitors who are extremely valuable to the JIS brand and growth of the show.I would want every new exhibitor to know participating in just one show doesn’t always mean instant success. But building a relationship with the brand and the attendees (again, the important of those relationships) at multiple JIS Shows, can lead to years and years of sales and success.

Brian Robbins, Customer Success Manager

What is the best part about working on JIS?

For me it has to be the people, both the exhibitors and the team. They are all a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for the world.

What is 1 thing you would recommend or tell a NEW exhibitor before they participate in their first JIS Show?

Oh man, one thing, that’s tricky. I really have two. First, JIS offers a lot of free marketing, that a ton of exhibitors, both new and returning fail to utilize. This ranges from ensuring their exhibitor dashboard is correct to gathering and following up with captured leads from the free lead retrieval app that gives access to the information of the buyers who stop by the booth. This is basically free marketing that helps your company stand out among the competition. Second, I would have one fewer chair than the number of people in the booth. Weird as it sounds, looking active and engaged while standing up will help people capture those that walk by.

What was your favorite moment onsite at any JIS Show you’ve worked so far?

Has to be learning that two exhibitors were part of an acappella choir, as I am a choir singer myself.

Chris Kowalczik, Customer Success Manager

How has your personal style changed having worked with so many different exhibitors?

I actually work on a variety of shows in different industries, so working with so many different exhibitors across these industries has taught me that in order to do my job to my fullest potential, I have to understand the people and the companies that I work with. Ensuring that exhibitors have a successful show is understanding what their expectations for the show are and assisting them in maximizing their opportunities. Each exhibitor is different…. Each show is different.

What is 1 thing you would recommend or tell a NEW exhibitor before they participate in their first JIS Show?

You have to make the time and prepare for the show. Whether you are a new company or an established one, you are new to the show and it is important to give the buyers information needed to peak their interest and make them want to stop by your booth rather than the booth next to you. When you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, what would you want to know about a company before you do business with them? Take the time to maximize your free marketing opportunities! Maximize your company listing by: Uploading Product Images, Upload a Company Video and Create a Show Special. Utilize the Customer Invitation Program, take the time to market yourself to the local buyers. As with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


The largest of the four JIS Shows in the portfolio proved that no hurdle can dim it’s (and the jewelry industry’s) shine! Due to Hurricane Irma's impact, the show was left with no choice but to change venues just two weeks before opening day. With seemingly impossible short notice, the JIS team (and its customers) picked up and started planning the show in its new location – the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center!

With the move came an immediate investment by JIS of over $250,000 dedicated to the show’s attendees and driving business on the show floor! Between verification and merchandise credit prizes, the options to win were endless! Buyers were encouraged to interact with vendors as well. The more times their badges were scanned by exhibitors using the CompuLead Smart App (included in booth packages), the more chance they had to win. In addition to cash and credits, there were plenty of opportunities for buyers and vendors alike to network with industry peers! Opening day concluded with an evening cocktail reception, hosted by Gem Star, with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and an exciting chance to preview the latest collection from Gem Star. On the following day, JIS hosted an evening fundraiser for the Jewelers Disaster Relief Fund (created by Diamond Council of America and Jewelers of America) that was emceed by the talented and upbeat Ben Smithee. The fund was created to support jewelers affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the California wildfires. An array of raffle prizes – ranging from Gucci bags, to Angie Crabtree phone cases, to merchandise credits – were up for grabs and proceeds went directly to the foundation.


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When the four days concluded, it was obvious the show was a success.

JIS would like to thank everyone that participated in the history making JIS October 2017 Show! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!

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